Friday, 19th September 2014

China may decrease main interest rates

The Chinese central bank lowered short-term borrowing costs for banks on Thursday, sending “a strong signal” to markets that the contraction of the main rates are soon. The institution contracted 14-day repo interest rate on open market operations by 20 basis points to 3.5%, performing the second such move in the last two months, after […]

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Gold Price Analysis - September 19

The XAU/USD pair initially fell to its lowest level in eight months during yesterday's session but erased losses and ended the day slightly higher after a series of economic data released from the United States came out weaker than forecasts.

EUR/USD Daily Outlook - September 19

The EUR/USD pair bounced a bit during the session on Thursday, showing the 1.2850 level to be somewhat supportive. We basically have retraced about 60% of the losses from the session on Wednesday, leading me to believe that the market is simply consolidating.

USD/JPY Daily Outlook - September 19

The USD/JPY pair tried to go higher during the course of the day on Thursday, as the 109 level has offered far too much in the way of resistance, making this market slowdown a little bit.

GBP/USD Daily Outlook - September 19

The GBP/USD pair broke higher during the course of the day on Thursday, and even broke above the top of the shooting star from the Wednesday session. With that being the case, it appears that a lot of traders are trying to “front run” the Scottish Independence Vote.

AUD/USD Daily Outlook - September 19

The AUD/USD pair went back and forth during the course of the day on Thursday, as we have broken down below the 0.90 handle. However, there is a significant amount of noise only down to the 0.89 handle, so we haven’t truly broken free of the support that the market has been fighting with.